EQUIRIDE is a horse transportation app. It’s similar to Uber or Lyft, but for equines! You can share an EQUIRIDE with other trainers who are sending horses to the same location, or you can schedule a private EQUIRIDE. When you schedule an EQUIRIDE, your horse will be safely and professionally transported to its destination. During the ride, you’ll be able to track your horse’s location and ensure that it arrives safely.

Simply open the EQUIRIDE app at any point during the shipment, and you’ll see a map that will show you your horse’s location. You’ll receive a notification when your horse arrives at its destination. Multiple users can track each shipment, so owners, trainers, and other team members can all stay informed.

After the shipment, you will be prompted to rate your driver in the EQUIRIDE app. We only permit highly rated drivers to drive through our platform.

Our drivers are all experienced horsemen. Each driver is carefully and thoroughly interviewed before they’re permitted to become an EQUIRIDE driver, and they must pass a mentor training session. In addition, all trucks, trailers, and other equipment are routinely inspected for safety.

Yes! If you find a driver that you trust, you can request them next time you need to ship a horse.

You pay directly through the EQUIRIDE app. We accept all major credit cards, or we can debit your bank account. If you are a trainer facilitating the shipment but not paying for it yourself, simply input the owner’s contact information, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Requirements vary from state to state. Your driver must have the proper Coggins and health documentation depending on the state. If you only have one copy of the Coggins test, it needs to be notarized. See Additional Resources for more information.

It may be possible, but no guarantees. We need as much advance notice as possible.

We calculate our routes to be as efficient as possible.

No. Someone should be there to receive the horse.

No. However, you may send your own attendant along. If you choose to do this, let us know before booking.

EQUIRIDE sets prices on a per mile basis. The price depends on the type of shipment and the distance.

Signing up is easy. Download the app and complete the information about you, your truck and trailer. Someone will reach out to you if more information is needed.

Before accepting a shipment you will need to sign up for a Stripe Connect account if you do not already have one. Once the shipment is completed owners will make a payment through the app or electronic invoice. Once the funds are collected they will direct deposited into your bank account each Friday.

Immediate invoicing, which is easy to navigate and available within the app, allows for instant and secure payment without the need for traditional, snail-mail billing. In addition, bill splitting is easier than ever: if a horse has multiple owners, each owner can be billed a percentage of the transport costs based on their percentage of ownership.

If a horse has multiple owners, each owner can be billed a percentage of the transport costs based on their percentage of ownership.